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No. 00091
No. 00091
No. 00091
No. 00091
No. 00091

No. 00091

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  • Blesbok hide 
  • 8” x 2.5” x 5” 
  • Detachable hand braided strap [11” drop]
  • One internal zipper pocket 
  • One internal card holder slot 
  • Internal leather color: Brown 
  • Hide condition: Pristine 
  • Made in Garment District, NY, NY


Unique Identification Number: 00091

Serafi purchased this blesbok hide from a trusted taxidermist in South Africa, with the hide originating from Zimbabwe.

From the taxidermist: “We are strong supporters of sustainable harvesting, of which hunting is one of them. This being said, we have access to excess hides harvested on private properties, each backed by a sustainable wildlife management program. These programs determine a well-calculated balance of offtake for the ecosystem's population management. In most cases, the property's outfitter will find a market for the hides & meat, which returns as revenue to the farmer. The farmers use this revenue to help uphold the communities around them by providing employment opportunities and various community developments, such as building schools, clinics, etc. The primary value of the African antelopes [Springbok, Blesbok, Wildebeest, Impala, etc.] derives from the meat unless industries like ourselves buy these hides and add value to them. Without a demand, they will be left in the field and therefore add no further value to this vital income stream that these people most certainly need."

By purchasing this baguette, you not only prevent this blesbok hide from going to waste but also support the local African economy.