Type: Springbok
Location of Origin: South Africa
UINs: 000___, 000___, 000___, 000___,
Hide Origin Specs:

Springbok are antelope that are commonly harvested for their meat in southern Africa. Their hides are then sold all over the country in an effort to use all of the animals and help the local's economy. Because of how many there are on hand, there is not a high enough demand to meet the amount of byproduct hides. They can then either not be tanned and made into a hide or can be sold elsewhere.

These springbok hides in particular were sourced from a contact in South Africa. He had come to the United States and brought with him hides to sell. Not all of the hides he brought were purchased and when he went to take them back to Africa with him, all flights in and out of the country were soley for essential goods and were not currently allowed to be exported. They were then stored in his friends' storage basement in _______________. When we ran into our friend from SA and told him about Serafi, he mentioned the hides that had been in the basement, practically begging not to be in that storage closet forever. We purchased them and put them to use!

Notes: The springbok hides may have small imperfections due to the natural aging process, fighting, and living in the wild. The animal skin rugs may have small stitched areas, patches on the back of the skin, small areas of thinning hair, tiny bug bites and other small imperfections. These are all part of the characteristics of Animal skin rugs.